litespeed cache and adsense questions/problems?

(I'm sorry I do not know english. I'm using google translate.)

1)litedspeed cache, is there a lazy load feature for adsense? If there is this feature, how can it be activated?

2)In litespeed cache, when lazy load is activated for images, images are loaded after adsense. Images appear too late because adsense is loaded late. What should be done to prevent this problem? I want lazy load images to come before adsense is loaded.

3)Without adsense, the site score is high. Adsense values are very low. Does litespeed cache offer a feature for adsense optimization? I hear other cache plugins have optimization features for adsense.

4)In the js optimization page, I am using js defer. but I only need delay option for adsense. Is this possible? all js defer, only adsense delay. This avoids all problems and speeds up the page speed. What should I do to mark adsense with litespeed delayed? Also, does adsense delay cause policy violation?

My website address is esleme, please check. please check on slow connection. For example, with slow 3g connection speed, the problem is clearly visible. pagespeed blocktime is too long :(

note: I will try not to make changes to the site until you check it out. because I'm doing a lot of testing on the site, I'm waiting right now please check it out.