Litespeed 3.0 - awstats & Safari integration

There are two basic problems I have found:

from Litespeed 3.0beta standard ed.

1. Awstats security feature has bug - you cannot set authentification realm from web panel. What does it mean? I have imported my old 2.2.5 conf and all the preferences including this worked without any trouble. Problems start if I try to click on it to change - the falling menu has no choice provided. Must be some miscode mistake.

2. Safari integration. Yes, I'm a Mac. And I am used to great performance and irresistable style, but this time I have to use Opera (on screenshot) to access vhost panel as I simply can't see. Anything but funny...

Best wishes and Have some fun!!!

P.S. I know the screenshots look pretty ugly in forum but my religion makes me sacrifice beauty for knowledge. Or is it opposite? Dough...