LiteMage Caching - Cookie Consent

I have implemented the google TagManager Plugin from Weltpixel ( ) recently and have the standard magento cookie notice activated as it was before.

No i have the issue, that the pages that are visited before the consent is given (by crawl script with cookies enabled or by myself) are cached without the tagmanager snippet. I tried to set the weltpixel_gtm like suggested in the litemage settings page in the magento 2 backend but nothing changed. So is there an easy solution to fix this inside of the litemage cache? When i disable the litemage cache and enable the internal magento 2 one everything is fine but SLOOOOW :D

Thanks for your help!.


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Those benchmark results are a joke. Whomever set those up clearly had no idea what they were doing if the most req/sec the could get from Varnish were 15 req/sec. Every single benchmark result in that graph is suspect Kodi nox .
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