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LiteSpeed Staff
Hi Folks,

LiteSpeed is growing and we are looking for some candidates to help on some area in order to meet our growth speed. :)

We are looking for some hands on following areas
  • Technical writer for documentations, product introduction, tutorials, marketing materials, etc.
  • Public relationship, marketing and sales staff.
  • Good developers who can handle at C/C++ and Java development.
Those positions will start as contractor or part time employee with market pay rate, may become full time LiteSpeed team member if your performance meet our expectation. :)

It is perferred that candidates is knownledgeable about administrating a web server and familiar with our product.

So, if you have free bandwidth to spare, and would like to contribute to the best web server product family in the world with the opportunity to become LiteSpeed core team member, please send your resume to " hr _AT_ litespeedtech . com " with the desired pay rate.
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