Is there any functionality like PHP FPM in the CyberPanel/LiteSpeed?

Hi there, i moved from Cpanel recently a few months ago. I was using PHP FPM features to increase the preload/speed of my websites.
But on my CyberPanel + Open LiteSpeed server is not giving me that same speed.

The anticlockwise rotation is there for a few seconds and then the website starts loading. I admit when the website starts to load, it loads very fast. But before it loads the website there is anticlockwise rotation/Preloading.

I used to decrease this preloading/anti-clockwise rotation with the help of PHP FPM in the cPanel.
Yes, I am using Redis on my server and configured LSCache plugin too. Using Cloudflare CDN.

But that preloading is still there. I have 30GB RAM VPS.

What do I want?
I want to put pressure on my server to serve the website as faster as possible. Currently, there is 0 load on my server and not much traffic. So, I want to use 30GB RAM power of my VPS to load websites faster than ever.

Can you help me? I have a guy who configured everything for me. He is my friend too. The solution you will provide me here, I will be showing it to him as well. So that we both can make my websites faster. My current website is this it is fast but I want to decrease the preloading time.

Cloudflare is handling the DNS very well. I use Argo feature on Cloudflare which is a premium feature. and I use the PRO plan in the Cloudflare too. Your hind/reply will help me a lot. Thank you.


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You have some missunderstanding about cache, preloading, LiteSpeed, Cloudflare and much more. How can you expect PHP FPM if you use browser cache for dynamic sources? With Browser cache for dynamic sources you never get any advantages from LSWS or LScache (cache header is always miss) and Cloudflare. LiteSpeed has lsphp instead of PHP FPM and it's much faster than PHP FPM. Using preload of static sources makes only sense if sources are not cached by browser. If they are already cached in browser there is no more need to preload them again and again with every request, so why do you preload static sources with every request. With your setting caching dynamic sources you prevent getting ls_smartpush cookie. This cookie helps not to preload static sources with every request.

If you want to have advantages using LiteSpeed/Lscache and Cloudflare disable browser cache.

btw.... It wasn't a good idea replacing cPanel with CyberPanel....