Is LiteSpeed capable of GPU Offloading?

I tried to do a search for this but GPU, graphics card, and most other word the forum deemed common were eliminated via the search engine making the search worthless.

Is LiteSpeed capable of GPU Offloading?

I am getting ready to buy my next production web server. I have priced a server that is able to work as a GPU server with 2 nvidia tesla. However I have tried to see in the web admin area, this forum, and google searches and not finding the answer. Does LiteSpeed support Graphics Rendering offloaded to a GPU. If yes to what extent Just optimizing images? full ls Cache? of can the Web-server use it for real time web traffic, Or the answer I am expecting to get by the lack of information No not able to be done.

When new server goes into production it will run headless so unless it can help with Litespeed it will be a worthless addon and another server model would be better. Should it support this and depending on how well will make my choice if this is worth the investment in this server and at what level the GPU should be.

Any other information that may apply would be welcome.


LiteSpeed Staff
LiteSpeed itself wont offload anything to GPU. web server does not need to do much computation involving floating point numbers. :)
But your web application can try to take advantage of that.