Installation show download error


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Good day,

I was installing Litespeed it first showing Issued certificate has expired, so I continue with "--no-check-certificate" in wget

Later on when I run the installation, with command
#chmod a+x
#./ <serial I get from purchasing>

below are logs
Serial Number is
Apache Port Offset = 1000
Admin User = admin
Admin Password = a1234567
Admin Email = root@localhost
EasyApache Integration = 1
Auto Switch to LiteSpeed = 0
Deploy LSCache for WordPress = 0
Auto install LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager user-end cPanel plugin = 1

... Detecting platform ...
Platform is -x86_64-linux

... Query latest release version ...
Lastest stable version is 6.0.9

mkdir: created directory '/usr/src/lsws'
Download directory created
... Downloading ...
**ERROR** error when downloading ... abort!


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As of September 30th, 2021, the DST Root CA X3 certificate that is used in the chain of trust for Let's Encrypt expires causing clients that do not recognize ISRG Root X1 to fail security checks when accessing sites that use Let's Encrypt for their SSL provider. This issue leads to upgrade fail and LSWS admin console upgrade fail.

On servers running CentOS or CloudLinux 7 or higher, this has been addressed with the most recent operating system. Please run the following:

yum update ca-certificates

For server's running CloudLinux 6, you can update the necessary package by using the following command:

yum update openssl* --enablerepo=cloudlinux-rollout-3-bypass

The details about this issue can be found in the following post made by Let's Encrypt about this issue.