I think that the cache it's not flushed

Ok, and how to know if "Flush Cache" it's running?
One developer made some changes in files but we can't see the effect after flushing cache.


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1.) Purge entire Cache
2.) Request a page in shop that is not exluded from being cached.
3.) Check cache header like before
4.) If cache header is miss, everything is okay.
5.) If cache header is hit, wait a few seconds and request same page again. If cache header ist still hit, something is wrong and you should open support ticket or start from 1.)

Cache header is the only way to verify cache status of a URL. If you have access to CLI you can remove cached files from disk. Quick and fast.
And can you tell me how to do this you told me? The command.

If you have access to CLI you can remove cached files from disk. Quick and fast
If you don't know such simple information you better shouldn't access to cli. It's the "heart" of your server. Find someone who can teach you, so you can learn what to do.
Hello, yes, I use CLI commands but in this case I don't know the command. In Magento we use:
... bin/magento cache:clean
... bin/magento cache:flush
But I don't if for LiteSpeed it's the same.
Thanks, I do!
And the last question, I am having problems since some hours with the Checkout in Safari that don't charge the content... I disable LiteSpeed from magento and charge, how to solve this? Or how to disable the LiteSpeed for specific pages like Checkout?


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Cache for URLs that should not be cached should already be excluded from being cached within cache plugin. If you have pages in checkout that are cached, something is wrong. I am not the developer of this plugin and can't know what is wrong. Open a support ticket to get more qualified support for your issue.