How does Litespeed WEB ADC work?


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Hello, sorry you're putting this question here but I really have not found any material that could guide me in this regard.
From what I read Litespeed WEB Adc is a load-balance, this is something very cool, but what interests me in this is not the divided use of resources but the high availability.

My question is this ... I would like the Litespeed WEB ADC to automatically share the Litespeed (LSCache) cache between two my servers. This would increase the availability because if something goes wrong I would be warned immediately and have some time (cache expiration time) to take action.

But currently I have a cPanel server with Litespeed + LSCache installed. I would have to hire another vps, okay this is obvious, but would I need to buy another cPanel license or another LSCache license? What hardware requirements does the Litespeed WEB ADC need to function? From what I understand about LSCache, the ideal thing is that it has a good amount of RAM and it is fast, is it?

PS: If you have any further suggestions on how to implement this, even if it is not for Litespeed please let me know.