Hosting company has installed LiteSpeed Cache - what now?

Hi all, as above, LiteSpeed Cache has been automatically installed on all my Wordpress sites held with my hosting company.
I have some other plugins installed / activated such as Autoptimize, Speed Booster Pack, WP Performance Score Booster with varying degrees of success, depending on what site it is
Is LiteSpeed good/bad/indifferent?
Best place to test website speed these days?
Thanks :)
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This might help with some background:

The rule of thumb, if you want to keep multiple optimization plugins, is to make sure that you are not overlapping any of the functions. So, for example, if you want to optimize your CSS with Autoptimize, then you should make sure that the CSS optimization features in the LSCache plugin are turned off (they should be off by default, unless your hosting company has a custom configuration).