Give us an option to disable Fremius on a server wide basis


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We are very upset about the addition of Fremius in the latest version of your WordPress plugins.

We pay for our litespeed licences, we do not want your plugin to do the following :

1) Collect user or usage information (name, e-mail etc.) (will soon be illegal in europe to store EU related information in USA as EU information is no longer protected by European law).
2) Do external calls
3) Use cookies for statistics information (illegal in europe)

We promote your plugin as being better than WP Rocket because it is lighter and only has the required functions. Because of fremius this is no longer the case.

We request that you provide one of the following solutions :

1) Completly remove Fremius from your plugin
2) Add an option in LiteSpeed to disable Fremius on a server wide basis (we could add a variable to $_SERVER with something like $_SERVER['NOUSERDATACOLLECTION'] = true).
3) Provide a version without Fremuis for LiteSpeed owners (or charge us extra for a pro version on a server wide basis).


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Hi Wanah,

We are currently testing Freemius to help us gather usage statistics so we can better improve the plugin.

We understand your concern. I believe the second option you provided will be the easiest for the both of us. We should be able to re-release 1.0.14 soon with an available SERVER var removal. I just want to make sure that it will be disabled completely before releasing.

EDIT: We will be removing Freemius completely. Thanks for expressing your concern.

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It's in situations like these that we remember how nice it is to work with LiteSpeed :) I know a few other suppliers who would have taken weeks or months to take this type of request into account. Thanks !
Hi @wanah - I just stumbled across this thread and wanted to comment.
My name is Vova Feldman, and I'm from Freemius. Freemius Insights is an opt-in usage-tracking mechanism. No data is being captured nor sent to our servers without your explicit consent. This is all done with the intention of making WordPress plugins and themes better and more secure. We do that by tracking how users are using the plugin, learning why they abandon it, which environments need to continue being supported, etc. Those valuable data points are key to making data-driven decisions and lead to better UX (user experience), new features, better documentation and other good things. Users who're not feeling comfortable sharing the data can easily skip the opt-in.

An opt-in type usage-tracking mechanism is EU/GDPR compliant, and of course, it's all legal :)

If you'd like to learn more you can read about the service here:

Also, feel free to contact our support via