ESI Tag in body


I have a problem with Magento on a LiteSpeed server with LiteMage enabled. The problem is that after i cleared up whole cache ( Magento default cache, fpc and LiteMage cache) everything is fine but after a day or so i can't see my footer on some pages and also my menu is messed up. Also i saw that in my HTML source i get some ESI tags like:
<!--Litemage esi started footer--><esi_include src=",footer_links/h/default/t/footer/s/1/dp/default/dt/megashop/" combine="sub" cache-tag="E.footer" cache-control="no-vary,public"/><!--Litemage esi ended footer-->
I read about ESI tags and i think those tags need to be processed before the html is being sent to browser and should not be in the browser.
Moreover on two product pages, one is with ESI tag like above and one is with html only and works fine.
What can i do, so the ESI tag should be processed before?

I have this settings for LiteMage in Magento:

Enable LiteMage Cache > yes
Default Public Cache TTL (seconds) > 28800
Default Private Cache TTL (seconds) > 1800
Track Recently Viewed Products > no
Separate Cache Copy per Customer Group > no
Separate Cache Copy for Customized Cookie Values > (none)
Use Alternative ESI Syntax > yes

Enable Cache Warm Up > no
Only Run When Load Is Less Than > 5
Maximum Run Time (seconds) > 300

Can you help me please?

Thank you!