ESI settings on LScache

I have a Virtuozzo system with Litespeed. My WP site is a community with Buddyboss theme and Memberpress managing the subscriptions.
Apart from Redis cache and opcache, I cannot have standard cache systems due to the problems that have arisen among logged in users. All users on the website are logged in and obviously interact with each other.
However, having available ESI on LS cache plugin, I was wondering how I could best configure it to have gains in terms of performance but above all an economy of server resources.

Thank you
I had specified that the site was WP (wordpress) with Litespeed server and the official LScache plugin.
I don't have a major imminent problem, but mine is more a request on how to configure a function (Esi) since the official documentation is a bit sparse, that's all.
I can't activate most of the classic cache, he wants to know how to best configure (if possible) the ESI function.
Thank you