Error 404 on my website but only on certains pages ! HELP !

Hello !
I have a problem with the plugin which puts a 404 error, but only on certain pages.
My website is a Wordpress, builded with Elementor Pro.
I have installed LiteSpeed Cache, and turn on some options. It's all good, except for a post type, and I don't know why.

Looks like CSS (and maybe JS) is not loading.
And with the Mozilla Debug console, I see that I have an "Error: request failed with status 404" problem.
As you can see, the problem would be with a LiteSpeed "cssjs" file.

I use the conditional display models with Elementor (I created a template to display the posts in the "Podcast" category, which are the problematic ones), the strangest thing is that if I change the category of the post, everything is displayed very well !
I tried to create a new template thinking it came from that, but the problem is still the same.
All the rest of my site, my categories etc. works fine, only the "Podcast" category has a display problem and I don't know where it can come from, or even how to fix the problem.

Here is a Podcast page which is not displayed correctly:
Does anyone have a suggestion? A solution ?

Thank you in advance !