Configure /servlets/ in LSWS to Tomcat


I have been reviewing the posts here, and I am not having any luck on getting one thing to work properly. There is a setting that is defined in cpanel to call servlets with /servlet/ and /servlets/ along with .jsp to be passed to ajp13.

However, I having no luck on trying to get that specific part of /servlet/ passed to the servlet settings in the LSWS for it to work. How do I do this to make it work properly for it?


I did check in there, but there is nothing in the configuration of the LSWS itself to show how it is configured properly for it, since we are talking about servlets itself, on how to load it with /servlets/ handler.


I'd explain more about the demo settings.

1.under "Virtual Hosts » demo", define a "Servlet Engine" External App "TomcatAJP", address is

2.under "Virtual Hosts » demo", define a "Java Web App" context:
URL: /jsp-examples/ (in your case may be /servlets/)
Servlet Engine:TomcatAJP (defined in step 1)
Location:$VH_ROOT/html/tomcat/webapps/jsp-examples/ (.jsp is here)

3.start up tomcat.
$VH_ROOT/html/tomcat/bin>export JAVA_HOME=/usr
That explains it

Okay..that explains it. Now one more question.

How do I make it a wild card that applies for all virtual hosts, so it maps the username into the settings for the servlets so it serves it up?