Apache to LiteSpeed - case sensitive issue


Seeking technical support referencing sites moved from a hosting company using Apache servers, to another using LiteSpeed servers.

To be precise, we need to continue having our files, folders and URLS function as case ‘insensitive’

In our .htaccess files in the root folders, on the previous host on Apache servers, the following code worked - recognizing any uppercase characters as lowercase, within URLs, and for all types of files.

<IfModule mod_speling.c>​
CheckCaseOnly On​
CheckSpelling On​

There are now seen 404 errors. Respective URLS do not work on the sites now at the new host using LiteSpeed servers. The same is of course happening for folders and other file types - .JPG to .jpg or .HTM to .htm or .DOC to .doc - any and all – or vice versa, where 404 errors are also generated.

To illustrate:

An example (not our actual site link) follows of such a scenario of an URL containing mixed-case characters, ‘typed’ or that would be reachable through a link when previously hosted on Apache servers:

https://www.whenwetry.com/TOP/thisOneTime.htm - or the relative form contained within an .htm page or similar - ../TOP/thisOneTime.htm

Previously, site visitors would still reach the page at this [sample] link, while showing up in the browser address bar, all lowercase, as https://www.whenwetry.com/top/thisonetime.htm.

Now, if links are input in the browser directly – typed, for instance - all lowercase, like above – they display a 404 Error.

Also, working links and files are no longer ‘forced’ to lowercase either – they are showing up ‘mixed case’ in the browser if that is the original format.

So two situations to be rectified for our sites to function as they did when on Apache servers:
  1. How exactly to have case ‘insensitive’ enabled on our sites now on the LiteSpeed servers, so all content will work, regardless of what ‘case’ is contained - or as already exists on our sites?

  2. And subsequently, how to continue to ‘force’ lowercase in generated URLs in the address bar?
Any precise instructions as to how to proceed?

Do these include coding with the following parameters:

RewriteMap ?

Thanks so very much in advance.
Hi Serpent_Driver,

Is mod_speling to be installed on the LiteSpeed environment where our sites are? If so, how to check, where? Thanks.
You are suggesting to run this for our current LiteSpeed server? We are no longer in the Apache environment, just to be clear.

Thanks again.
Serpent_driver - how precisely to go about it? We have zero experience in this.

(When it was the "Apache" server - we simply pasted in the appropriate code in the .htaccess file)

We have access to the hPanel, and the Advanced area reflects PhP configuration - don't know if this is relevant

Where is this to be "Run" ?
No, the servers are on Hostinger, and they use their own 'simplified' version of cPanel, which they call hPanel. There is nothing accessible, as detailed as what is shown via the link you provided.


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No, the servers are on Hostinger, and they use their own 'simplified' version of cPanel, which they call hPanel.
WHM is also from cPanel company, but WHM is the control panel for the entire server. cPanel is the control panel for account, but this is only for your information.

Since you only have limited access to your server administration, you only have 2 alternatives:

1.) Ask Hostinger if mod_speling module is installed


2.) Add the following code anywhere to your .htaccess.

<IfModule mod_speling.c>
Header set X-Testheader "1"
If code added request your page and check response header for "X-Testheader"