AMP is conflicting with Litespeed Cache


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You are using a proxy cache that isn't compatible with some features of the cache plugin and that is most likely the reason for your problems. If you want to use all functions of the cache plugin without restrictions, but don't want to change the hosting provider, then you can use is a LiteSpeed CDN that provides you with all the functions of the cache plugin including the cache function, but you cannot use the proxy cache with it either. The same applies to AMP.


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It's too good but now I found that my all contents are amp disabled. I tried disabling the lightspeed I got the amp back.
may be LiteSpeed provide incorrect copy of cache for Page Speed UA?

bots (in main case) are not accept cookies an that's why cached page after bots request NOT compatible with regular request.
Page Speed UA is similar to bot and LiteSpeed can provide bots cached page.

the best way is:
- generate for bots it's "own" copy of cache
- for Page Speed UA provide "regular UA" copy of cache


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So all I have to do is to use a better cdn for it.
The jumping point is not if a CDN is good or bad. It is the caching for dynamically generated pages. If you use a CDN that caches such pages, you can't use a second cache on you host. 1 cache + 1 cache is not 2 caches!


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1.) (Best Solution) Change your host provider that offers LiteSpeed. With LiteSpeed web server and LiteSpeed cache plugin for Wordpress you get the best and the fastes solution. With this solution you don't need AMP anymore and you get special CDN for free that is made for Wordpress and LiteSpeed. This CDN is provided my (LiteSpeed). Select a LiteSpeed hoster:

2.) If you don' want to change the hosting provider, but if you want to use LiteSpeed cache plugin with all features (incl. cache) then use With you get (almost) all LiteSpeed features, but you can't use the current proxy cache and AMP, because using more than 1 cache layer this always causes conflicts.

Whenever you use other cache plugin you will always get the same problem like the current one and is not good mixing CDN and cache solutions from different companies, because it causes conflicts.
Create an CloudFront cdn in AWS as it's free tier is better than cloudfare and quic.Cloud and Use cdn mapping to serve contents!
Litespeed is compatible with it and you don't need any other like amp for Google cdn that causes issue, here due to proxy cache ,as litespeed will be caching and your data will still be delivered through cdn .