About LiteSpeed cache for Flarum

Hello All,
Is it possible to use Litespeed cache with any system for Flarum forum site which is hosted on my own cloud vps server?
If possible then can you please tell me how can I install this and config?

Advance thanks.


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Of course Litespeed cache can be used with Flarum and almost any other applications, but there is no LScache plugin for Flarum available and LScache needs LiteSpeed webserver to be installed. If your hosting allows to replace current webserver (Apache?), you can install LiteSpeed webserver. If possible you can use LScache by .htaccess rewrite rules to define cache varies.

FYI: You post in wrong forum: https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/forum/forums/litespeed-cache-general.30/


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But beware of using the posted code. The publisher of this code seems not to have much practical experience with LiteSpeed and LScache. You will need a lot more of code to get no troubles.
Hello, I am using flarum and litespeed and wanted to ask a question... Often when I clear the cache after making changes, I get HTTP ERROR 500 on the page, when I reload the page, it displays without problems... This does not cause me any discomfort. I'm just wondering what is causing this... Are there any parameters that I need to change ? :rolleyes: