500 internal server error/requested timeout at project ip address

Hello all,

I'm a total newbie at litespeed, so I feel like I have to resort to posting on here in the hopes that someone can provide me guidance at a solution.

So this is where I'm at now...

I have Strapi built into my project (website) and have since configured its virtual host through filezilla to the digitalocean droplet/litespeed. Along with that, I have configured its listener through litespeed. Under the virtual hosts 'context' section of litespeed, I have also designated a startup file to be run when going to the ip address of my project. When I try going to that ip address all I receive in response is a 500 internal server error/requested timeout. So I did a
tail -f /usr/local/lsws/logs/*
after ssh-ing into my project to try and gather some data. Below is the information I receive in regards to the aforementioned command:
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1) The 500 error is produced when I try visiting said ip address in the browser. The screenshots are from the server error log within the OLS dashboard.

2) Works like a charm when run locally. How can I check if it's a permission issue?

3) Strapi is deployed and served up on my VPS via OLS almost identically to how it's done on that link you pasted.

4) As far as I know, yes? Not exactly sure what you mean. I created an OLS droplet on DigitalOcean. Am I following you correctly?