3.0 Beta Web Console Tips/Notes


LiteSpeed Staff
Extra notes and tips as the new web console take shape:

New with 3.0b1
Almost every internal parts of the web console has been updates for 3.0 wile the general look-n-feel has been maintained. Some of the non-obvious changes.

1) When trying the new IP to GeoLocation feature, set the "db cache" value to "memory cache" for max performance. You can use both MaxMind's free GeoLite and commercial databases.

2) Every multi-item configuration, except mime types, such as vhosts, context rules, external applications, now has a new "notes" text field. Notes is just what it implies. Enter whatever you feel like into the notes area for organization purposes. Once populated, the listing page will have an "info" icon and mouse-over the icon to see the "notes" tool-tip without having to hit edit or view.

3) In Home page, first page after login, there is a slightly different performance snapshot page. If you have enterprise and N-CPUs, RAM Usage is the total real/actual ram usage of litespeed processes, and CPU Usage is the average of all CPU Usage on all CPUs.

What's in store with next pre-release of 3.0
1) Re-design left-menu system to handle 1000+ virtual hosts, listeners, templates.
2) Real-time updated graphing/plotting of litespeed performance data (connections, vhosts, extapps).
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