Commands Reference

This reference lists all the commands for LSWS and LSLB. Since most of them are license related, so we put in the license section.

  • For LSWS, assume it's installed under /usr/local/lsws/
  • For LSLB, assume it's installed under /usr/local/lslb/, the commands are same as LSWS, you can just replace “lshttpd” with “lslbd”.

Control Commands

  • For LSLB, the command is “lslbctrl”
cd /usr/local/lsws
bin/lswsctrl help  -- will list the below options
Usage: ./lswsctrl {start|stop|restart|reload|help}

start    - start web server
stop     - stop web server
restart  - gracefully restart web server with zero down time
reload   - same as restart
help     - this screen

License Commands

cd /usr/local/lsws
  • Register a new license key (-r)
bin/lshttpd -r
  • Test current license locally (-t)
bin/lshttpd -t
  • Verify current license against license server (-V)
bin/lshttpd -V
  • Migrate current license (-m)
bin/lshttpd -m

Misc Commands

  • If you forgot your admin web console login, you can reset your password from command line
  • Check version
  lsws/bin/lshttpd -v
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